Anna's Dress by London Casey & Jaxson Kidman

If you've never read something by London Casey or Jaxson Kidman you're really missing out. Kidman, especially, isn't satisfied until he cuts deep enough to hit a vein and bleeds out emotion into the pages of the story, leaving bits of his soul behind, and this one is so full of emotion it will swallow you up!

My review:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kidman and Casey really delivered on this one! It’s not the angsty, “I can’t make up my mind" or love/hate book typical of young adult fiction, but a tenuous, tragic, harrowing look at devastated lives where hope, redemption and love win in the end. There’s so much authentic emotion that Evan and Dena’s story draws you in, ties your heart in knots and clings to your psyche long after the last page.

Anna and Adena were both effected differently by their parents' deaths. Dena, being the older sister, was the responsible one who constantly tried to put the pieces back together as Anna went off the rails, always leaving a wake of destruction in her path. Evan was a lost soul who recognized the pain in Anna and tried to keep her in check, all the while quietly in love with Dena. A guy with a huge heart, he knew he wasn’t good enough for Dena but thought that by trying to corral Anna it would free Dena up to realize her dreams and get out of their dead-end town. But of course, things didn’t work out quite like he hoped.

Evan and Dena are two of the most authentic, complex, troubled characters that I’ve read about in a long time, and I couldn’t help but love them. I was gutted as I watched Anna tear their lives apart, time after time, yet my heart went out to the troubled, toxic disaster that was Anna. I’m not sure when I’ve ever seen two people so deserving of their happily ever after, one that was ripped away so many times, and with so much heartache before finally being able to embrace their love and have a life together. This book will take you through every emotion possible as you experience Evan and Dena’s journey. It will leave you feeling a bit battered, but your heart will be full and happy as they find their forever. Don’t miss this raw, heart wrenching, phenomenal, uplifting story! Run to the 1-Click button and start reading now! 

You can get Anna's Dress  here.  Until next time, dear reader

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