Diamonds and Dirt Roads by Erin Nicholas

Erin Nicholas has a new series, Billionaires In Blue Jeans, and the first book is fantastic!! Grab it here while it's at the new release price.  This book is so much fun and takes the reader through a wild ride of emotions. Definitely five stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My review:

Erin Nicholas has been one of my go-to authors for quite awhile, so I was thrilled to be able to read this book early! If you’re like me, when you saw this book you may have said, “Ug, not another billionaire romance,” but this is a really unique, fun twist on that trope because this time the billionaires are the heroines, and these heroines are wonderful! Three triplet sisters whose only likeness is their physical appearance because their personalities are vastly different.

The backstory is their father, Rudy Carmichael, moved to small town Bliss, Kansas, to live a simple life and open a pie shop. After his death, the sisters learn that in order to inherit they have to move to Bliss and make the pie shop a success together, with each working in an area well outside their comfort zone and individual personalities. And because he was an absentee father who still knew his girls well, he places stipulations on their dating life. Yep, you read that right. 

This book is Cori and Evan's story and it had me in stitches while squeezing my heart as I flew through the pages! The realistic small-town setting is complete with endearing, quirky characters and the requisite gossiping, nosiness and judgement, all of which adds to the color and uniqueness of Bliss and provides a great deal of comedy. The characters are all so well developed, complex and loveable, I felt like I knew them personally, right down to Rudy, whose characterization is only through written documents and recollections.

Cori and Evan held my heart in their hands and had me by turns anxious, frustrated, laughing out loud and cheering for them. They were perfect together, trying so hard to stick to the “letter of the law" of Rudy’s will that Cori not date for six months but dealing with an attraction that just wouldn’t be denied. For two people not dating, things got pretty steamy, and then add to that the fact that Evan was supposedly dating Cori’s sister, Ava, and it turned into one big, jumbled, hilarious mess!

Ms. Nicholas did an amazing job with this delightful book and then set the stage for Ava and Parker’s story next, to be followed by Brynn and Noah’s. Ava and Parker are like oil and water with fireworks added in, and it’s going to be great fun watching Noah as he has to endure Brynn dating other men! This is shaping up to be one of my favorite romance series of all time, and I highly recommend this book! Grab it now so your ready for Ava and Parker when their book comes out in April.

This book will provide hours of fun, so don't miss out!  Until next time dear reader,

Much love between the covers,


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