Firestorm by Amy Knupp

This is my first book by Amy Knupp and I can't say enough good things about her writing! Heart felt with tons of emotion, it' clear this story is carefully, lovingly crafted. It's also edited and proofed by professionals who are attentive and meticulous. The storyline is complex yet flows easily, covering all the plot points and tying things together beautifully. The characters are well thought out, deep, multilayered and endearingly human. I give Firestorm five smoldering, heart warming stars in my review, below.


The early copy I read of this book is my first by this author and I’m so glad I found her! Not only is the storyline gripping and the characters wonderfully complex, the story is skillfully constructed and extremely well edited. Joe and Faith both have long family histories with fire fighting. Her father is the fire chief, and Joe's father was chief before Faith's father. Joe is a captain with his eye on becoming chief one day, and Faith is the first female fire fighter in the San Amaro Island Fire Department. Not only does she feel the need to prove herself as a female and the chief’s daughter, her mutual attraction with Joe is something she tries to ignore.

These characters won my heart from the very beginning, being realistic, multilayered, believably flawed and endearing. And there is so much more to this story than a simple fire house romance. Joe is dealing with his mother's illness, feeling like an outsider with her new husband's family, and doing some soul searching about why a promotion is so important to him. Faith is prone to panic attacks when faced with fighting fires since her injury on the job at her previous fire department, her family has their own issues, and in the middle of all that these co-workers realize they can’t deny their growing attraction, but do their best to fight it. This story is so complex that it kept my attention effortlessly, and the author did an amazing job laying the groundwork, interweaving the many subplots throughout the book and resolving things beautifully. I loved the story as well as the characters! I definitely recommend this book and will certainly be reading more from the Island Fire series!

You can get Firestorm here. But that's not all. The first book in the series, Playing With Fire, is free right now to celebrate Firestorm's release, and the second book, Heat of the Night, is available for just $.99 and free in Kindle Unlimited. But grab these quickly because they'll be back at the regular prices soon.  You can find Amy's other work here, so take a look and try one of her books. You won't be disappointed! Until next time, dear reader

Much love between the covers,


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