Heather Slade Won Me Over

Heather definitely won me over with this new five star read, Win Me Over, available now!

I’ve been dying to get my hands on this advance copy of Bullet’s story because he was a sweetheart, but such a screw-up, when we met him previously. But the bigger the screw-up, the bigger the need for redemption, and his is spectacular!  Bullet is one hot mess, with two children from different women and raising his toddler son on his own. With his wild past and rodeo cowboy ways, he realizes at twenty five it’s time to grow up and discover the man he’s meant to be. He epitomizes the lost cowboy of Tristan's family's clothing line, but she views Bullet through the myopic lens of her scoundrel ex-boyfriend and rodeo cowboy, Harris, and has trouble seeing through that to the substance of Bullet.

Slade did a wonderful job of treating the reader with snippets of patriarch Bill Patterson as a teenager with his mentor Clancy. I especially enjoyed being reminded of simpler days and Bill's courtship with Dottie, which provided some terrific history to the series and contrasted vastly with Bullet and Tristan's courtship. Of course, with Bullet and Tristan it was quite a spectator sport (okay, even full contact team sport at times) which may or may not have helped them but made for delightfully entertaining reading!  I would have liked a little more for these two at the end of the book so I felt like their relationship details were worked out since the book ended at the rodeo with them still living in separate states. (And really Heather? THAT was the important question Bullet had to ask Tristan?!! We better get a different question in a subsequent book. Just sayin’.)

Despite that little burr under my saddle, Bullet and Tristan‘s story is fantastic and well worth reading! All the characters are so complex, vivid and endearing, every time I pick up a book in this series, it’s like coming home. Tristan may come across as running hot and cold, but Harris, the ex, had done a number on her, so her reticence was understandable, and I appreciated that her character was reasonable and mature while she sorted things out. Bullet had a pretty littered past, so trusting him wouldn’t happen instantly for any woman. But when push came to shove and Harris did his best to cause problems, Tristan trusted her heart, trusted Bullet, and trusted their relationship.

Now this Harris character, he’s someone desperately in need of redemption. Ms. Slade really has her work cut out for her should she decide to pick him up out of the gutter, dust him off and shine him up!  And no worries if this is your first book in this series. It stands alone nicely and you'll fall in love with these characters,  likely working your way through the rest of series as I have. Somehow, though, I think Bullet is my favorite.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five Emotional, Feel-Good Stars!

And Heather isn't only a great writer, she's an amazing, wonderful lady! She has had more challenges in her real world in the past six months than a lot of people have in a lifetime, yet she hasn't let it stop her, choosing to focus on the positives and blessings in life. You can see more of her work here.  Until next time, dear reader

Much love between the covers,


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