Royal Rebel by Jessica Peterson

Prince Robert isn’t one to settle down, or even have a relationship with a woman, so being strictly physical with Aly, a woman who can’t stand him, suits them both. At least until Aly decides it’s time to find “the one" and work on getting her fairytale ending. Just maybe there's more to Rob than the cocky, carefree playboy he portrays, because he can’t tolerate the idea of Aly dating someone else, even though he can’t give her what she wants.

I had read the first book in this series, Royal Ruin, and loved it, so I was excited to read an advance copy of Rob's story. I could tell there was more to him than we saw at first glance and I knew his story would be great fun. What surprised me was now much he won me over and snuck into my heart. Its always entertaining when there's a character with the belief that he's not a relationship kind of guy due to his upbringing or DNA. I want to grab him and say, “You poor, misguided schmuck, meet my friend, Free Will.”  But I have to hand it to Rob; he figured it out and got it right, showing his soft heart and vulnerable side and making me like him even more.

My problem was with Aly. She was a wonderful heroine through most of the book, even realizing she had a few things in her own life to work on. Then she had what I can only describe as a Linda Blair episode and I was sure the priest needed to be called in. With the way she reacted to something significant that Rob did, she was guilty of the same immature behavior that she had accused him of! I thought, at the very least, she owed it to Rob to admit she was wrong or apologize for her over the top reaction. The only reason I gave this review four stars, rather than three, is because Rob’s character was so fantastic and made up for some of Aly's shortcomings.  Rob thought he wasn’t worthy of Aly, but I felt that it was Aly who wasn’t worthy of Rob.

Now, let’s chat about cheating. If your definition of monogamy or faithfulness is the hero and heroine having sex only with each other, you probably won’t perceive any cheating in this book. However, if you think it's cheating when the hero and heroine hook up, then she’s done with the hero and dates Guy #2 but isn’t intimate with Guy #2, and she hooks up with the hero again before she and Guy #2 officially break up, you’ll definitely see cheating here, so you may want to pass on this book if you can’t overlook that.

This was a quick, easy, entertaining read with a little steam, a little angst, a little humor and a lot of heart. It was a treat to catch up with Kit and Emily and I loved seeing the deeper, more complex, and vulnerable side of Rob, so prepare for him to steal your heart. The books in this series stand alone, so you can start with this one and go back and read Kit and Emily's story in Royal Ruin, which is also a terrific read.

Get Royal Rebel here and Royal Ruin here.

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