The Problem With Pugs by AG Henley

A.G. Henley may be new to romantic comedy, with her Love and Pets series, but she's certainly made a name for herself in the Young Adult/Fantasy genre. The first book in her Brilliant Darkness series, The Scourge, has over 500 reviews on Amazon and over 3,500 ratings on Goodreads. It was a Library Journal Self-e Selection and a Next Generation Inde Book Award Finalist.

I'm not actually sure how I came across this author. I obtained a free copy of the prequel to the Love and Pets series, Love, Pugs and Other Problems, and promptly fell in love.  I instantly connected with the heroine, Amelia, who thought her boyfriend was going to propose, but instead left her and the pug, Doug, to pursue a business venture in Bali.

The Problem With Pugs starts with Amelia and Doug now living in her sister's apartment having a weekly Skype session with the estranged boyfriend. Amelia is trying to convince herself that she still actually has a boyfriend when in reality all she has is his dog who's acting out. She has a job at a law firm she hates, with the one bright light, her co-worker, Kenny, making plans to leave and go to law school. Meanwhile, Doug the pug has a serious issue with men, which is how Amelia meets the most perfect rom-com hero ever, sweet, sexy veterinarian, Travis.

Everything about this book is appealing. Of course it's laugh-out-loud funny with a fantastic cast of quirky characters, but there's something so real and relatable about Amelia and Travis. They could so easily be people we know in real life, which only serves to draw the reader more fully into the story. Add to that the close-kit feel, the unique supporting characters and the endlessly endearing Doug the pug, and this book is irresistible.  Definitely a five-star read, as you'll see from my review:


A sweet girl with not much direction in life who just got dumped by her boyfriend, a sexy veterinarian with a huge heart, and an adorable pug with separation anxiety and behavioral problems are the stars in this quirky, hilarious, endearing, sweet story in a new romantic comedy series. Henley is a new author for me, and I had read the prequel to this Love and Pets series and was eager to get my hands on the Problem With Pugs. I preordered the book but couldn’t wait, so I read an advance copy.

This author definitely hooked me with this book. I’m kind of a sucker for animals as book characters, at least when done well, and Doug was outstanding. Not only Doug the pug, but a whole cast of quirky, memorable, endearing characters really sets this work apart. Although it takes place largely in the city, this book has that small-town, close-knit feel that draws the reader in and makes her part of the background. If you’re looking for hot and steamy, you won’t find that here, but what you will find is loveable characters, a simmering romance with a happily ever after, a heartwarming story with plenty of humor and emotion, and a fantastic reading experience. A little bit poignant, a lot charming and supremely satisfying, I highly recommend this book and can’t wait for the next one in the series!

Get The Problem With Pugs here, and check out A.G. Henley's other work here.  Until next time, dear reader

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