Title: Defied
Series: Blood Duet #2
Author: Maria Luis
Genre: Sexy Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 31, 2018


I am both a sinner and a saint, but I bleed vengeance.

For years, I’ve lived in the grey… until her.

Avery Washington didn’t belong in the shadows, but I dragged her into the darkness anyway.

One kiss, and I would stop at nothing to possess her.

One caress, and my need to destroy wavered.

Our attraction was poison and pleasure.

They say the devil recognizes his own, but I never saw Avery coming.

She's determined to light the matchsticks, and I can't resist going down in flames...

My Review:

This book picks up right where Sworn left off, with what I thought was the shocker of all shockers, until I continued reading. (What the ever-lovin' freak, Maria Luis?!!) Silly me, there were a TON more shockers in store, and things I never saw coming! I’m usually fairly good at ciphering things out, so kudos to the author for a wild, unanticipated, exciting, fascinating ride with this duet.

In order to avoid any spoilers, I’ll somewhat recycle my brief synopsis from the first book, Sworn.  Avery Washington has been on her own since her early teens. She reads tarot cards for a living, hiding in plain sight, knowing her life depends on staying off the radar of powerful, influential people in the city. She has virtually no personal attachments, until she meets police sergeant, Lincoln Asher. Something in each calls to the other, but their mutual attraction threatens to unravel some dangerous secrets that could destroy them both.  

By the time Defied begins, Avery and Lincoln have gotten a bit entwined in each others' lives, and wow, oh wow, have things ever gone off the rails! And I’m not talking about the sexy times.  That’s just a small part of this enormously complex, tangled, elaborate story. I honestly couldn’t begin to guess how things would work out, but I was on the edge of my seat through the whole book. This story completely blew my mind. From the unique, fresh, damaged characters to the fluid storyline that defines “unpredictable,“ The Blood Duet showcases this author's phenomenal talent in bringing us an unexpected, distinctive, exceptional must read.

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Author Bio

Maria Luis is the author of sexy contemporary romances, though she may or may not have a few historical romances hiding in the cobwebs of her computer.

When she's not writing about strong men and the sassy women who sweep them off their feet, Maria is a historian who specializes in medieval England and 19th century New Orleans. What do the two eras have in common, you ask? Not much, except for disease, scandalous activities and crime--Maria's favorite topics.

Maria lives in New Orleans with her better half, where she can generally be found hiking with her two dogs, Zeus and Athena, kayaking in Louisiana's inter-coastal waterways, or curled up on the couch with a good book.

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If you haven't read Sworn, grab that first and then read your way straight through Defied. Although different than the rom-coms Luis has become known for, The Blood Duet is a fantastic representation of her talent and a phenomenal read! Until next time, dear reader 

Much love between the covers,


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