Fantastic New Release From Nikki Ash: Knocked Down

Title: Knocked Down
Author: Nikki Ash
Genre: Single Dad Standalone Romance
Release Date: June 5, 2018
After years of struggling as a single father to make ends meet, I’m finally content.
Until my son and I are barreled over by a puppy and its gorgeous owner.
The dog knocks my son down-literally-while the woman knocks me down-figuratively. 
With her adorable accent and her taco-loving t-shirt, she has me reevaluating my life and wondering how content I really am.
Simple fun.
That's all I was looking for.
But the day I met Griffin and his son, everything changed. 
My walls are starting to crumble, piece by piece, as he and his son chip away at the concrete protecting my heart. 
Now I’m questioning everything I thought I wanted, and wondering if maybe, he's worth the risk.

TDC Book Reviews - “Highly addictive and entertaining”

Allyson - “, cute, sexy.”

Rachel - “This book made me laugh, made me blush, squeezed my heart and left me with a happy sigh and a great big smile at the end.”

My Review:
Interconnected standalones are my favorite type of books because of reappearances of beloved characters, and with some amazing, memorable characters, this author has quickly propelled herself to a top spot on my list of must-read authors, so I was glad to read an early copy of this book.  Nikki Ash outdid herself with this one! I was laughing out loud through the entire book! And who knew Taco Tuesday was a universal thing that has infiltrated book world? I would kill to have Ava's T-shirt collection, and eight-year-old Levi with the blue “swords" was just about the most hysterical scene ever!

Ava, Griffin and Levi first meet when Ava's dog Maverick (yep, that’s a Top Gun reference) licks Levi to death in the hallway of their apartment building. At first glance, Griffin likes what he sees, but Ava has been burned twice by men so she’s adamant about not subjecting herself to that again. As they spend time together Ava comes to care a lot for both Griffin and Levi, but can she put aside her fear, or will she miss out on the possibility of a wonderful future with this amazing father and son?

This book made me laugh, made me blush, squeezed my heart and left me with a happy sigh and a great big smile at the end. I loved all these characters, but I’m pretty sure little Levi stole my heart, as well as the show.  Of course the chemistry between Griffin and Ava was off the charts, but the heart and emotion, along with the sense of community, family and belonging were what really made this book phenomenal. Ava tearing down the walls of her heart and trusting Griffin was beautiful, and Griffin finding his missing piece in Ava was pure perfection.

A lot of authors add a child or pet to their books and it comes off as an honorable mention, but Ash got it just right. Levi wasn’t an afterthought or, a “Hmm, maybe I should toss a kid in here to appeal to readers.” He was an entertaining, realistic, adorably loveable, prominent main character whose addition infused life, laughter and a sweetness that took this book to the next level. Not to discount Ava and Griffin, but Levi, alone, makes this book worth reading, and I have no doubt you'll love this delightful, hilarious, steamy, poignant happily ever after.

​ if Nikki Ash is a new author to you, give Knocked Down a read. You won't be sorry. If you're familiar with her work, you'll want to grab this latest release! Until next time, dear reader

Much love between the covers,



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