Takedown by Nikki Ash Is Here!

Title: Takedown
Series: A Fighting Love Novel
Author: Nikki Ash
Genre: MMA/Single Parent Romance (Stand alone)
Release Date: July 28, 2018 Cover Design: Juliana Cabrera @ Jersey Girl Designs Cover Image: Shauna Kruse @ Kruse Photography 

Pregnant and married at the young age of eighteen, I settled into my life not knowing there could ever be more.
Until Mason, with his cocky smirk and magnetic baby blue eyes. With a single look and a few words, he made me feel sexy and alive. But as quickly as he came into my life, he was gone, leaving me wanting more.
A few days later my mom died, and her final words of advice—life’s too short to settle—are what I vowed to live my life by. Not even a year after her death, I was divorced and ready to find the one.
Only I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find someone who could make me feel the way Mason did. Five years later, and I’m still single, looking for my forever.
I’m the guy who fights and f*cks. The guy who goes fishing but never keeps what he catches. The responsibility that comes with commitment isn’t for me.
Until Mila comes back into my life making me want things I’ve never imagined wanting. Now, the man I’ve always been is quickly losing the fight against the man I want to be.
I’m supposed to want the woman who wants the right now. Yet, I’m falling for the woman who wants the forever.

My Review:

Every. Single. Time. This author squeezes my heart with all the sweetness, feeling and emotion in her stories. The single parent aspect is a definite draw for me when done right, and Ash is the master. The kid stuff always tugs and endears as well as provides delightful levity and humor to the storyline. Then there are the characters. Mila is a single mother who has a surprisingly healthy relationship with her ex and she’s strong, kind, likeable and admirable.  

And Mason. Where do I start? On the surface he’s a shallow, womanizing player with a “catch and release" philosophy to dating. But that façade covers a damaged little boy whose parental relationships and neglect taught him that caring and being responsible to or for another human was a detriment. As much as he tells himself that he's not good enough,  he's not capable of having a relationship and he doesn’t care for Mila, it’s delightfully entertaining and poignantly tender watching him fall. He owned me, from the beginning of the book. If I hadn’t already been in love with him, the pharmacy shopping trip for “monthly" supplies for Mila would have pushed me over the edge. Every step of the way he’s afraid of messing up, but he somehow manages to get it spectacularly right, exposing a huge capacity for love he never realized he had.

Together, Mason and Mila were wonderful. They’re in each other's lives because of their friendships with Charlie and Tristan (from Clinched) but Mila and Mason really aren’t friends.  Mila wants to find her forever someone and Mason has a ridged rule against dating a mother, and those restrictions keep things firmly in the friend zone as they get to know each other and more serious feelings subsequently develop. Of course things heat up, but the depth of the relationship comes from opening themselves up to each other and getting to know what’s below the surface.  Between this steamy, heartwarming romance, getting reacquainted with previous characters and the entertaining but touching addition of children, this is a delightful, passionate, heartwarming, exhilarating read and not to be missed! 


Grab your copy of this terrific, heartwarming read now. You won't be sorry! Until next time, dear reader

Much love between the covers,


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