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Everything Wrong With Us
by Jaxson Kidman

On sale TODAY for just $.99!

I have to admit, I've gotten caught up in the release week excitement of this book, refreshing the Amazon page to watch it climb up the charts.  Kidman easily made a fan out of me with  Hate Me, making me hate Kidman because it was a duet and I was helpless to read anything other than Hate Me Again immediately following it.

With the depth of emotion and raw authenticity I found in his work, Kidman mesmerized my mind and owned my heart, and I remain under his spell.

His latest work, Everything Wrong With Us, has the same genuineness and vulnerability I've come to anticipate in a Kidman novel. Every time, my anticipation is that my emotions will be taken on a rollercoaster ride, my heart will be wrung out, my psyche will be battered and my soul will be breathed with new life, and every time, Kidman exceeds my expectation.

My Review:

Loss is something that overshadows every aspect of both Trev and Sera's lives, prompting poor decisions and leaving chaos behind. Everyone holds Trev responsible for his stepbrother's death, and Sera experienced a different loss that she struggles to get over while her life spirals out of control. But like recognizes like, and they see in the other someone with far too familiar struggles, and this draws them together. As real life often is, Trev and Sera’s story is painful, raw and messy, with the lines of right and wrong and things like prudence, expedience and propriety being blurred and smudged. These two are such a mess. A huge, sad, heartbreaking, beautiful mess. A mess you can’t bear to look away from as they sort through piles of problems, complications and debris until finally, at last, the deep, abiding love of a lifetime is what remains.

Kidman once again leaves pieces of his soul scattered throughout this book. His writing is vulnerable, gutsy and credible, with spectacularly flawed, authentically human characters that bewitch the reader with their deeply emotional, heart wrenching journey to love. One of the things I love about this book is that parts of the story are told through letters. Actual ink on paper letters, which is becoming a lost art.  It requires slowing down, unplugging and ignoring distractions as well as some degree of introspection. It made the characters that much more real, the fact that they took the time to compose in their own handwriting, sorting through, crafting the sentences, spelling out thoughts and feelings and scribing them on the page, letter by letter and word by word. Trev and Sera's words and story will own your heart and touch your soul, so don’t miss this emotional, evocative, phenomenal read!

Favorite line:  The collision was inevitable.

Take a chance on this amazing read while it's just 99 pennies! Even at the regular price, it's well worth it. This is writing that will touch your heart, make you think, and stay with you long after the last page. Get your copy here today!  Until next time, dear reader

Much love between the covers,


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