Incredibly Amazing New Read From Melissa Foster: LOVE LIKE OURS

As I was reading through my review one last time before posting it on Amazon, I looked back at my book highlights and was reminded again just what a phenomenal book this is! Not only is this a delightful, evocative romance between two strong and mature, but very different characters, this book is full of family, community and heart.  Derek's caring for his father Jonah, stricken with Alzheimer's, and the way Talia's family brought Derek and Jonah into their fold and supported them certainly struck a chord with me. Not only am I in a similar situation with an ailing parent, several of my friends find themselves at the same point in life. The fact that these two opposites could not only find love but be stronger together in such circumstances is truly beautiful and inspiring. 

I can't tell you the last book I read that ended up with so many highlights. This one is chock full of exquisite gems that touched my heart and filled my soul during my few hours of escape from real life. With seemingly innocuous things like this quote about the childhood home Derek grew up in, and where he lives with his father: Hardwood floors had faded paths from one room to the next, ingrained with the history of family life.

And the quotes about Jonah's Alzheimer's disease that serve to enlighten those not familiar with it: This disease was cruel not only to the person it lived in, but to those lives that person touched. And ...this disease strips the ego from everyone it touches— patients, family members, caretakers.

Then the quotes touching on the beauty of family, and family not only of blood but family of the heart: When it’s family, it’s not being strapped down. It’s doing what’s right, what your heart tells you to do. And Talia's comment about her sisters: "Like it or not, the girls will find a way to weasel themselves into Jonah’s life. He’ll have more people caring for him than he ever wanted." Then there's her father's words to Derek: "I know you worry about your father, but you’re not alone in that, son. We’ll be there to help if things get difficult."

Of course, there are some amazing gems between Derek and Talia which I have to include because, this is romance, after all.

  • He couldn’t remember a single kiss, a single connection, as powerful as this one.
  • "You can trust me to be careful with your heart."
  • "I see so much that you try to keep hidden."
  • “Most importantly,” he said as he caressed her cheek, “I can give you honesty. I’m a man you can trust not to hurt you.”

If this isn't enough to compel you to start reading this book today, here is my review:


This book wrecked me. Completely, totally, utterly wrecked. And it wasn’t only the love story, which was phenomenally beautiful and sure to inspire romance in any heart. It was the gentle, careful handling of Derek's father, Jonah, with early-onset Alzheimer’s, and the way Talia and every member of her family opened their arms and hearts and made Derek and Jonah a treasured part of their family. This book is everything home and family and hope should be.

Talia is a college professor and she’s admittedly distracted by her family's group phone call while driving. Distracted enough that she nearly plows into the most gorgeous guy she’s ever seen. It’s one thing when he shows up in her class, but when he asks her out, she’s conflicted. Derek is undeniably hot, and the first guy who has stirred anything in her in years, but there are a few problems. He’s off limits as a student, his work as a dancer is troubling, and he's way out of her careful, controlled comfort zone.

Foster definitely pulls out the stops and pours on the feels in the early copy I read of this book! We have a heroine who got hurt badly and doesn’t trust men, choosing to focus on her family and responsibilities as a college professor. Then there’s Derek, an admirable guy with a really great heart who will do anything short of illegal, unethical or immoral to take care of his ailing father, including bartending and dancing, while trying to finish his master’s degree.  Then the boisterous and meddling but loving Dalton family and Derek's father, Jonah, add an entirely different layer of emotion. 

The way the Daltons care for each other and unconditionally welcome Derek and Jonah into their lives is nothing short of amazing. One beautifully tender moment occurs when five-year-old Louie is talking with Jonah, who thinks Louie  is a young Derek.  Without missing a beat, Louie speaks to Jonah as if he’s Derek, then  whispers to Derek, “He’s confused, so I’m pretending.”  I swear, I thought my heart would burst free from my chest!  Another thing that takes this story over the top and sets it apart is the unique and unexpected use of the drawing journals of Jonah and Derek, with important family memories memorialized in their cartoon drawings, rather than photographs. They provided for some tender, poignant, and truly special threads that knit the story together in a fresh, significant way.

I loved everything about this book.  Foster created my favorite kind of characters who are mature, strong, intelligent and determined and don’t wallow in self-doubt or create juvenile angst as the source of conflict. Instead, Talia and Derek are secure in their relationship and band together to support each other through every challenge. This book sucked me in and captivated my heart, and I wasn’t anywhere near ready to let go of these characters, so this is one I'll return to again. If you’re looking for something that warms your heart, stirs your soul, prompts a tear or two and still brings the heat then leaves you with a happy sigh, you'll adore Talia and Derek. You definitely won’t regret 1-clicking this one! 

Melissa Foster does romance well, but this book is truly exceptional. It's available on Amazon now. I promise you won't be sorry you've read it, and I'd love to know your thoughts once you're done. Both with reading and the book hangover you'll have from this one. Until next time, dear reader 

Much love between the covers,


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