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If you like a book about second chances, you’ll absolutely love this one!  Sadie has gotten a second chance to be a person she can be proud of, to do something good with her life working with dogs. It was a hard-won chance with time served and debt paid, but the upper crust of Boston have long memories, so Sadie enjoys the solitude of country living with just herself and her dogs. But when her brother's best friend and her childhood crush brings his unruly dog for some training, Sadie is torn. Lincoln is part of the life she left behind, but the old feelings still simmer, and then there's her moto of “no dog left behind.”  

There’s so much that happens in this book, beginning with Lincoln, who really has his work cut out for him trying to show Sadie that having a “them" is more important than their vastly different lives or what anyone else thinks. There's the relationship between humans and dogs, with the dog characters being just as lifelike and loveable a the human characters. There are the people Sadie offers help to, with one particularly unsavory character that I despised and felt sorry for in equal measure. There are peripheral characters who will surprise you with their appearance and shock you with their behavior in the best, most poignant and evocative way. And there are the characters we’ve come to know and love from the Freehope series, all brought together by one very special dog. 

In order for you to understand my thoughts about this book, there's something you need to know about me personally. Life has taught me to be calm, rational and contained. I’ve efficiently handled situations that would leave most people bawling in the corner. Having said that, this book completely, utterly, totally wrecked me, shredding my heart and making my soul wail. There is so much emotion in this book, in these words. Words of overwhelming and devastating loss, pain and grief, but words of healing and growth, and words of forgiveness, acceptance and second chances.  Sadie gets many second chances and they’re stunningly, poignantly beautiful. The message comes through loud and clear – that it’s never too late to be the person you want to be, the very best version of yourself, and embrace the beauty and blessings found in everyday life.  That a person’s value isn’t found in the size of a bank account or the possessions acquired, but rather what is in the heart, the bonds we make and the love we share.

Ms. Rose has quickly become a must-read, 1-click author for me, and she’s managed to top her best work with this book. Some might pre-judge her choice to give a second chance to a character like Sadie, who was truly a vile, selfish, spoiled and immature person before an impetuous, rash act brought her life to a screeching halt with fatal consequences.  But I think we read romance for just these things, couched in the happily ever after we all love so much. Second chances. Redemption. Forgiveness. Hope. These characters will leave their mark on your soul, and their story will put you through the wringer, but they'll leave your heart elated and full with a happy sigh at the last page. And it may even have you taking a second look at how you view others and the choices you make in your own life.  This one is definitely in my top five for the year, and I can’t say enough about how phenomenal it is. Just go to the 1-Click and start reading now. You definitely won’t be sorry you did. 

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