Make Me Believe From Tarina Deaton

Title: Make Me Believe
Jilted: The Bride
Series: Jilted Duet #1
Author: Tarina Deaton
Genre: Second Chance Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: March 1, 2019


It was always the two of them. Rowan and Luke. Luke and Rowan. Until it wasn’t.

He walked out to follow his dreams. She eventually moved on without him and learned to believe again in the possibility of happily ever after. Until Luke walked back in—in a big, viral social media, way.

Luke learned dreams were hollow without someone to share them with. Now he’ll do anything to make Rowan believe she is the most important thing in the world to him—more important than the fame and the fans.

Jilted and gun-shy, Rowan isn’t sure she has it in her to trust again. The bright lights of Music City create deep shadows where secrets and lies thrive and believing in someone might be the hardest thing she’s ever had to do. 

My Review

This is my favorite kind of romance. There’s just something so satisfying about two people who belong together getting a second chance. The conflict arises from external circumstances, creating authentic angst without being overbearing. And the main characters are so realistic and loveable. 

I was quickly drawn into their story and cheering for them every step of the way. Luke and Rowan were high school sweethearts who thought they would be together forever. Then fame and fortune stepped in and they went their separate ways. Now Luke is back, in an epic way at the most inopportune time, and he wants Rowan back. He knows he made a mistake all those years ago, and he's not letting her get away again. 

This book had some great elements for Luke and Rowan to navigate as they found their way back to each other. The typical trappings of fame, with crazed fans, paparazzi and famous people, and a manager with nefarious intent, all make for challenges that keep the story interesting and moving along. I loved both Luke and Rowan, and their story is the perfect lighthearted, sexy, touching, feel-good read. 

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Much love between the covers, 


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The minister glanced between them. In a low voice he asked, “Are you ready?”
“Yes,” they both said.
He raised his voice so the congregation could her him. “Michael and Rowan, marriage is a promise between two people to love, trust, and honor each other. It takes trust to know in your hearts you only want the best for each other. It takes—”
A commotion at the back of the chapel stopped the minister from telling them what else it took.
“Sir, you can’t go in. There’s a wedding in progress!”
She recognized their wedding planner Stephanie’s voice.
“I know. I’m here to stop it.”
Rowan’s heart thumped in her chest and her fingers tingled from the flow of adrenaline suddenly coursing through her. She squeezed her eyes closed. “Please God, no,” she whispered.    

Author Bio

Tarina is an award winning author who has spent her entire life in and around the military — first as a dependent and then as an enlisted Air Force Member. Her debut novel, Stitched Up Heart, released in September 2016. She draws heavily from her own military experience when crafting stories and characters.

Tarina is still active duty and a single mom of six-year-old twins. She can be found in random places around the world while she tries to get her twins interested in “another castle”.  Her favorite hobby is sleep. She has delusions of retiring from the military and being a stay-at-home mom.

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