Beautiful Potential by J. Saman

Beautiful Potential will be here on February 6, 2018, but you can preorder it now, here!  (Only $0.99 at time of posting.) If you haven't read any of J. Saman's work you're really missing out.  All of her books stand alone and each is an emotional, rewarding experience. Her latest book may just be her best yet. I loved Finn and Gia's story! Here is my review.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five Emotional Stars!

It seems that every time Gia encounters Finn he’s either seeing her at her worst or rescuing her from some disaster. Which may not be so bad if they could just part ways and go on with their lives, but not only do they work at the same hospital, there is this insane attraction between them as strong as the gravitational pull of the moon. Now in your everyday, ordinary romance novel, the main characters act on the attraction, fall in love, experience some sort of crisis which resolves, and they live happily ever after.

This is no ordinary romance. This is a J. Saman novel, and the road to forever is never an easy one for her characters. She doesn’t fall back on clichés of selfishness or immaturity in her characters, but rather employs external forces of conflict or deep seated damage or pain in a character's backstory that make the behavior reasonable, understandable and even excusable. I just know when I read one of her books it will be an experience that is challenging and frustrating but delicious and satisfying. That is the case with Finn and Gia. There is no question from their very first meeting that there’s a once-in-a-lifetime special something between them, yet it looks like all of their interactions will lead to nothing more than a devastatingly heartbreaking “might have been.”

I absolutely adored Gia, and Finn, bless his heart, he owned me. Gia was smart and beautiful, but funny, kind and down to earth. She’s the girl we all want to be BFF's with and the kind of person that makes the lives of others better just by being in them. She has a huge, forgiving heart, and a lot more patience and goodness than most people I know. Now Finn. Oh boy, Finn. A good man with a wealth of pain he hid under a façade of arrogant jerk, I wanted nothing more than to wrap him up in my arms and take away his pain while I shook him and smacked him and insisted he pull his head out of the sand and get his act together!

So no, their journey isn’t an easy one but it is captivating, endearing, fascinating, heart wrenching, humorous, and oh, so rewarding! With plenty of push and pull, a little comic relief and just the right amount of angst, this perfectly crafted, beautifully penned story will warm your heart, fill your soul and linger long after the last page.

J. Saman has quickly become one of my go-to authors for a heartfelt read, and you can check out her other books here.  Until next time, dear reader

Much love between the covers,



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