Hat Trick by Maria Luis

It's finally here, and I'm so excited! Not only is Hat Trick a fantastic read, it's written by a truly amazing lady. It feels like I won the lottery, having stumbled across the very first book Maria Luis published, and she has a fan for life in me. Not only is she extraordinarily gifted as a writer, it's a treat and delight to watch her grow in her craft, because each book is better than the last.

Her writing is light hearted and laugh-out-loud funny but still has plenty of emotion to give your heart a workout. Her characters are larger than life and multilayered, as well as beautifully flawed and in need of redemption, which just serves to endear them more to the reader.

Hat Trick is no exception, and it gets five poignant, hilarious, fresh, glorious stars from me!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ My Review:

Marshall Hunt has been pursuing Gwen James for years, from all the way back in college and into his NHL career with the Blades, seeing past her cold, hard exterior to the real Gwen beneath. But it’s not until he finally gives up and tells Gwen he's done that Gwen shows interest in him. She’s made great strides in becoming a “new and improved” Gwen and has cultivated a couple of terrific female friendships, but it's relationships with men that are still an issue. And really, it’s no wonder, with her mother’s brainwashing  that women are out to steal your man and your man will always leave. Gwen doesn’t have a problem with men, per se, because she’s had lots of surface relationships (the Ice Queen could just as easily earn the title of One Night Stand Queen) yet she's never let a man anywhere near her heart. But Hunt won’t settle for anything less. Yes, he wants Gwen, but what he wants above all else is her heart.

After reading the other books in the Blades series, I was tickled to read Hunt and Gwen’s story. We saw a good bit of Gwen in the previous books and, well, she wasn’t the nicest person. Okay, truthfully, she was a cold-hearted witch with a capital B.  A heroine in need of redemption is a rare thing in romance novels, but Gwen has to be the worst in need of redeeming that I’ve ever seen. Her desire to change and become a better person was refreshing, and she gets her redemption in spectacular fashion, gorging on crow along the way.  Ms. Luis flips the romance stereotype on its head with the heroine doing the pursuing and wooing after the hero finally gives up. This, of course, makes for some poignant but hilarious reading!

It was clear that Gwen and Hunt had a history and there was a lot of tension just below the surface, especially at the beginning of this story. And the middle of the story. And up until the end of the story. Yeah, so there’s all kinds of tension between these two and at times I felt sorry for one or the other, then I wanted to shake somebody, then I was laughing out loud, then my heart would feel a tug, and the cycle repeated.  The push and pull of their relationship was delicious fun and their story was an exquisite  treat to read.  I completely adored these characters and was all in, desperate to see their relationship finally work out. Ms. Luis granted my wish, giving Gwen and Hunt their happily ever after, and it was glorious! With just the right amounts of humor, angst and smexy, Ms. Luis scored her own literary hat trick with this book! Gwen and Hunt's story is a phenomenal read, so run to the 1-Click Button without delay.

Get your copy of Hat Trick here. All of Maria's books stand alone and can be read in any order. There are two other books in this series, Power Play and Sin Bin, and her NOLA Hearts series is also fantastic!  Check out Maria's other work here.  Until next time, dear reader

Much love between the covers,



  1. I love this review more than anything! I'm so glad to have met you - and as you've watched me grow over the last year, I can't wait to watch this blog grow, too. You are amazing!! And one day, we're going to meet and I'm going to hug you like no tomorrow <3

    1. OMGee, you've got me all teared up!! I think you're pretty darn amazing and I'm looking forward to that hug!! ❤


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