It's finally here! The new St. Skin novel. This time we get Saint's, or Sawyer's, story - the guy who's half owner of the tattoo shop that is named for him. This is one you definitely want to pick up, and you can learn a little more in my review. Five gritty, emotional stars!

Sometimes love and hate are so entwined it’s impossible to know where one ends and the other begins. Selfishness wars with devotion and the need to destroy battles the desire to heal. Sometimes time and distance provide clarity and certainty, but almost always, life has other ideas.

When Sawyer left Hundred Falls Valley, St. Skin, the business he had built, and Kate, the only girl he ever loved, he left a trail of wreckage. Lifelong friendships – his family really – abruptly severed, the tattoo shop created from his heart and soul abandoned, and Kate's heart littered in jagged shards. All with no explanation. There one minute and gone the next, never returning as days turned into years. Suddenly he's back, strolling into St. Skin like he’d only been absent for a short lunch break and determined to win back Kate, this time forever. But Kate has acquired a history Sawyer knows nothing about, which now includes a son, and she toils each day to hold her life together. Sawyer's resolution and his heart's desire don’t change Kate's reality. As the author so aptly notes, “ . . .the heart’s version of life and reality were usually two different things . . . A heart was a window with a beautiful view. Reality was a rock that could shatter the window in a second.” 

During the first part of their relationship, I wasn't sure what to make of Sawyer and Kate. It was full of contradictions – the love and hate, selfish and selfless, disdain and desire. They both had a lot of growing up to do, and as much as I wish they never had to be separated, I’m not sure they could have done it while still together. But maybe with a little time and maturity, with the perspective distance brings, maybe the second time around will be different. Just maybe they’ll figure out how to put the other's wants and needs, their dreams and desires, above their own. And maybe when reality hurls the worst rock at them, they can keep the window from shattering.

Once again these authors peel back the layers to deliver a story created with their own heart and emotion poured into it. The setting and environment painted word by word drew me in and all of these characters immediately settled deep in my heart. Sawyer, with his cocky, selfish, uncaring appearance has a lot of emotion running deep, driving his determination and fueled by his heart of gold. Life experience has matured Kate more quickly than she could ever have imagined, yet she doesn’t realize it’s made her a better version of herself, with her focus on simply surviving from day to day.

I completely, totally adored Sawyer and Kate together and was pulling for them from the outset. It was pretty clear their last road would be full of potholes and speedbumps, but I gladly threw myself into the vehicle to experience every bump, every stop and start, and every piece of scenery along that road. No matter who was driving, they were together, side by side. Their hope and hurt, their desire and frustration, their strength and self-doubt, their passion and anger, their stubbornness and love all washed over me as they make their way down the road. Their story is raw, passionate, turbulent and exhilarating and definitely a must read! Hit the 1-Click now and immerse yourself in the world of St. Skin, a world that will stay with you long after the last page and a world you'll find yourself eager to experience again and again.

So grab this one now, and then catch up on the other standalones in the series. Until next time, dear reader

Much love between the covers,



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