Cybill Cain "Roped" Me In!

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Roped, by Cybill Cane, is now available!

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❤️ Our love breaks all the rules. I see her as the mistress of time management. I see her as the queen of organization, her sharp mind and insight are priceless to me. I see her as a warrior, her sword flashing bright when she steps up to defend me. I see her in my bed, letting me show her all the things a woman like her deserves to experience. The problem is, Daphne Adams doesn’t see me at all. There’s so much on the line, I can’t lose her. She’s the one thing I have to have to get through the day. But I want to risk it all. I see the cowboy boots and expensive suits. I see the way his lips quirk up on the right side when he’s amused, but hiding it. I see the best man I’ve ever known, with a heart like no other. I see him every day, and just being near him makes every day the best day of my life. The problem is, Morgan Lightner is my boss. If we get personal, the price is the job I’ve been looking for my whole life. Besides, he doesn’t see me that way. But I wish he did. Can we find a way to have it all together?

My Review:

Daphne Adams may just be my all time favorite heroine. She’s ridiculously intelligent, with a brain that works continuously, processing data and information in the background. She’s also a woman with strong passions and convictions who has no problem speaking her mind. She can either be your fiercest champion our your worst adversary. All of this makes her the perfect assistant to Morgan Lightner when he steps in as the head of DIH after James Draven goes into seclusion following a terrible automobile accident. Not surprisingly, Morgan quickly sees how valuable Daphne is, both in the office and in his personal life.

I’m a huge fan of this series, eagerly anticipating each new release, and I jumped at the chance to read an early copy of Roped, as well as preordering my own copy as soon as it was available, and weeks before the release date. I tell you all this to not only show my enthusiasm for the Chimera Club series, but to demonstrate the faith I have in this author and her ability to produce a masterful work that touches the heart and stirs the soul. She has set her own bar quite high and yet still manages to surpass her previous benchmarks with Roped.

There are so many wonderful elements to this novel. From profound, poetic prose like, “To be seen is the rarest and most intimate of things that can pass between two people,” and “life happens in between the big moments we can’t control,” to a physical, emotional and spiritual connection between two people that transcends any earthly experience, Daphne and Morgan’s story will leave its mark on your soul. They have the indefinable “it" we all strive to find with another human being, to find the one person you’ve been waiting for your whole life, that one whose soul joins with yours in a bond that outlasts any physical existence.

We also get a bit more insight into Thomas Meenan, Draven's right hand man. It’s a good thing I have a soft spot in my heart for Meenan because seeing him through Daphne's eyes was enlightening. She’s absolutely right that he’s a master manipulator, devious, underhanded, and will do just about anything to accomplish his purpose. If you’ve read any of the series, you've seen the lengths he'll go to, and if you’ve read enough of the books, you understand what drives him. We get a small bit of information regarding the mysterious, nefarious Constantine, but Morgan and Daphne's connection hints to all this being part of a much greater picture, having a new puzzle piece introduced by way of an ancient prophecy passed down in Morgan's family.

There are still some questions at the end of this book, as there have been with all the books in the series, but Daphne and Morgan's relationship and happily ever after are firmly cemented and beautifully resolved, especially with an epilogue nearly a year later. I loved both of their characters and delighted in their love story, and I get the distinct impression we'll be seeing a good bit more from them in the future, which I’m eager to see. I gleefully anticipate more crackling exchanges between Daphne and Meenan, and I can’t wait to see how all the pieces of the puzzle we’ve been collecting along the way fit together. One thing about Cybill Cane – she gives you a story with an amazing amount of heart and emotion and puts a beautiful bow on an immensely satisfying love story, but dangles enough threads that you’re dying to pull, leaving you eagerly anticipating and desperately wanting more. If you haven’t read her work, you’re really missing out because this is one of the best series in romance writing today. So start with Roped, or any other book in the series, but start it today. This is some phenomenal, beautiful writing by a truly gifted wordsmith that you don’t want to miss.

Roped (Chimera Club Stories #7) is AVAILABLE NOW!
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And check out the other books in the Chimera Club series on Cybill Cain's Amazon page here.  This series is truly one of the best romance series available! I'd love to know what you think about Roped, or any of the other books in the series! Until next time, dear reader

Much love between the covers,



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