Summer Reading Recommendations from Author Christie Craig

Christie Craig’s Summer Reading List

It’s summer and for me, it means lots of porch time. Yup, I have one those wrap around porches.  Imagine some hanging plants, big white rocking chairs and a porch swing.  And while it’s hot it Texas, I really look forward to those early mornings or afternoons when I step outside onto my porch, curl up on my porch swing, or plant my backside in a rocking chair and let myself get lost in a book.  The type of book will depend on my mood.  At times I want to be scared (you’re looking at girl who falls asleep watching the ID channel).  Sometimes, I want my heart strings tugged.  A few tears can be cathartic.  Other times I want to laugh or just be swept away.  

Letters to the Lost By Brigid Kimmerer: Because I also write Young Adult as C.C. Hunter, I’m always eager to discover new young adult authors.  Kimmerer pulled at my heart strings as she wrote about a young girl who lost her mom and her way as she struggled to discover her place in the world.

Valentine Texas by Lori Wilde:  Lori Wilde always delivers a read that just makes you feel good.  And hey… the cover just calls to me.  I loved Rachael, especially the fact that she’d been left at the alter not once, but twice! Of course she’s a cynic, but it was entertaining to see sexy sheriff Brody change her mind. This book kept me up turning the pages.

Deception Island by Brynn Kelly: I had to go to New Zealand to discover Brynn Kelly’s books.  It was during a chat with her editor who told me about one of her author’s that she loved and encouraged me to pick this one up.  And I loved it.  In Deception Island, Rafe’s dangerous past catches up with him, and he’s forced to abduct an heiress. But Holly’s just a double for the real heiress. Despite the circumstances, she’s drawn to the handsome Rafe. Then when they’re double crossed, the real danger begins.

Forever Entangled by Kathleen Brooks: Kathleen Brooks is one of those authors who creates characters you wouldn’t mind be locked in a closet with for a few days.  Like Undercover FBI Agent Ryan who gets a phone call telling him to come home to the small town of Keeneston, Kentucky where the woman he thought he was over is now in serious trouble. Sienna thinks her chance of happily ever after is long gone until a murder brings Ryan back into her life and entangles them in a battle for their heart and their lives. You’ll be swept away by this book!

Enforcing the Paw by Diane Kelly: I know I have two authors with the same last name, but sometimes I just want a light, funny read to help me forget what’s in my head.  And Diane Kelly always comes through. Officer Megan Luz and her pawed partner Brigit encounter a puzzling case: two ex-lovers who each claim the other is harassing them. Vandalism, stalking, Internet hook-up sites: one darn thing just leads to another. Megan’s problem is that she just doesn’t know who to believe. I love this series!

About Christie Craig: 

Christie Craig is the New York Times bestselling author of thirty-nine books. She is an Alabama native, a motivational speaker, and a writing teacher, who currently hangs her hat in Texas. When she’s not writing romance, she’s traveling, sipping wine, or penning bestselling young adult novels as C.C. Hunter. For more info on Christie and her books, please visit

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Don’t Close Your Eyes by Christie Craig will hit shelves on August 28, 2018.

Look for another post featuring Ms. Craig's new release on August 28th, which will include my review of this book. I can't wait to read it! Craig has been a favorite author of mine for her laugh-out-loud funny rom-coms, so I'm excited to read something a little different from her. Until next time, dear reader

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