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  I know she’s lying the moment I see her.   That her name is as fake as her story. She’s barged into my life like a beautiful nightmare, turning everything upside down. It hasn’t stopped me from trying to help her. Protect her. Save her from the threats that seem to come out of nowhere. She’s put my entire world at risk. My reputation. My business. My livelihood. But Mia brought me back to life. And I will do anything to save hers. 

  I was running for my life the night I met Jake. Broken down on the road to nowhere. Lost. Homeless. Scared out of my mind. I don't care. I’m willing to risk it all to start over. Desperate to hide and never be found again. But it doesn't take much for Jake to break down my defenses. A soft word. A gentle touch. He becomes mine, but more importantly, I become his. Until the nightmare of my past shows up, pissed off as hell…


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Ah, Ms. Saman, what have you done to my heart?! It lies precariously in my chest, battered, bruised and beaten only to be stitched, salved and soothed by this terrifyingly thrilling, achingly tender, exquisitely beautiful Touching Sin. I always anticipate something heartfelt, emotional and amazing from this author, but this one is more. So, so much more! This book captured my mind from the beginning, incarcerated my heart throughout, and left its indelible mark on my soul by the end. It has a bit of everything – intense drama, agonizing suspense, hauntingly poetic prose and an ardent, profound, slow-burn romance.

Most impactful is the concept of defining moments. Innocuous, seemingly inconsequential choices that have the power to change the course of one's life. If Jake hadn’t stopped to help Mia when her car died on the side of the road, their lives, as well as others, would have been vastly different. Jake is the piece de resistance of romance heroes with his huge heart, fierce protective streak, single-minded determination and stubborn love of Mia. And Mia. Running for her life, hiding in plain sight and, against her will, wisdom and all good sense, relying on the kindness of strangers. Two strangers in particular, Maddox and Jake. Men, the very thing she's running from. There needs to be a word in the English language to define that feeling of wanting something so desperately that it seeps into the very blood for which the heart beats while at the same time being so terrified of it you want to run fast and far away from it while screaming yourself hoarse. That describes Mia's feelings when it comes to Jake. Her longing and desire, her reluctance and fear.

This story kept me glued to every page, every word, with its elegant prose, engrossing plot, deliciously riveting storyline, authentically vulnerable and compellingly endearing characters and the careful, impeccable handling of the domestic violence element. I adore these characters, despite their keeping me up way too late reading while I accompanied them on their journey to forever and then forcing me out of bed with bits and pieces of my review of their story.  Jake and Mia aren’t characters I can cast aside and move on to my next romance because they worked themselves so deeply into my heart I suspect they are a part of me forever. Maddox managed to sneak a piece of my heart so that I need his story now, and even Gavin has me intrigued and I’m desperately curious to uncover all his secrets. This one easily has a spot in my list of top five books for the year and I urge you to hit the 1-Click now. Touching Sin will touch your soul, and Jake and Mia will capture your heart.



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J. Saman is a nurse practitioner living in New England with her husband and three awesome girls. She loves all types of novels, but finds herself always going back to writing romances. She’s an admitted lover of picking at old wounds, second chance romances, love triangles and the perfect amount of angst. She writes smart, strong women and sexy alpha (slightly nerdy) men who have a softer side.

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Grab this phenomenal new release today! You'll love Jake and Mia and their amazing story! Until next time, dear reader

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